The women who color their hair permanently using hair dye products at home are less exposed to risks of different kinds of cancers and are greater risk related to fatal cancer. Given below is a study published by the BMG today.

In the published study the reassurance is given to users of permanent hair dyes that find a marginal increase in risk of ovarian cancer and other cancers  related to breast and skin. It is also observed that natural hair color has some affect of causing certain types of cancers.

The hair dyes are very popular and they are seen more in older generations who are very inclined to cover up the grey hair. It is found that a roughly estimate 50 – 80% of women and 10% in the age group of 40 and above in U.S.A and Europe use hair dyes.

Many of the hair dyes are of permanent nature and they are estimated at 80% of hair dyes used in the  U.S and Europe and to a very large extent in Asia.

The WHO international agency for research on cancer has graded occupational exposure to hair dyes has a carcinogen effect. There is no warning regarding personal use as existing proof is no conlclusive.

To know more about the risk of cancer for use personal hair dye the researchers examined the data on 117,200 women from the Nurses Heath Study based at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston,  a major prospective cohort study which includes analysis of hair dye effect.

The study found that the women did not have at the beginning of the study and were followed for 36 years.

The analysis showed that there was not any increase in the risk of many types of cancer or of deaths related to cancer in women who informed having ever used permanent hair dyes in comparison with those who has not used these dyes before or ever.

The use of permanent hair dye didn’t boost risk of cancers of the bladder, brain, colon, kidney, lung, blood and immune system, or most cancers of the skin – cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma) or breast (estrogen receptor positive, progesterone receptor positive or hormone receptor positive.

As per the author “Possible explanations could be that shades of permanent hair dyes are associated with the concentration of ingredients, with darker colours having higher concentrations,”