– EN Showbiz – Actress Pam Grier made sure she “smelled the part” for her role in new TV sitcom Bless This Mess by completing a few chores on her farm before meeting with show creators.
The Jackie Brown star, who spends most of the year living in the countryside in Colorado, portrays Constance Terry, a local store owner and town sheriff in rural Nebraska on the series, and she went the extra mile to prove to co-creators Lake Bell and Elizabeth Meriwether she would be perfect for the job.
“I said to them, ‘Out here, as country women, we take our Spanx (shapewear) off’. I took my Spanx off and I did some chores before I came in to see them (for the role),” she tells syndicated columnist Allison Kugel. “I was a little dusty and I smelled of barn and John Deere (machinery) fuel. I smelled the part, so that helped!”
The actress learned all about working the land from her grandfather, whose mother owned a sugar beet farm in Wyoming, and she used her extensive knowledge of country life to prove she knew what she was talking about.
“Lake was talking about how she was afraid of cows,” Pam recalls. “I said, ‘Cows won’t hurt you, but if you come at a cow with a knife and a fork, you might have a problem!’
“I would tell stories about things I would do if there’s a mountain lion outside attacking my chicken coop and stuff like that,” she continues. “I would tell people not to go for long country walks in the night if there is no light. This is Jurassic Park for real.”
Pam also gave co-star Lake and writer Elizabeth an insight into how they should deal with the issue of inclusion in the heartland of America.
“I mentioned to Lake, when they didn’t have a script and they had no idea what they might do or write, I said to her, ‘There is one thing I must implore you, and that is not to make fun of the heartland,'” she says. “People go to the heartland to find their hearts. I believe that the farmer is the hero or heroine of the day. They should be in every magazine, all the time.”
Her input was invaluable to the creators of the show and Pam is thrilled with the script they produced for the first season of Bless This Mess.
“I’m sharing my rural side, my military side, my pragmatic side and my sexy side in this wonderful role that has been bestowed upon me,” she gushes. “They support me greatly, they listen to me, and they laugh at some of the funny things I do. Even the way I came into my initial meeting with them, all stinky from doing chores. Who does that?”