– EN Fashion – Julie de Libran’s departure from Sonia Rykiel is on bad terms.
News broke on Thursday (14Mar19) that the French designer was leaving her post as artistic director after nearly five years in the role.
There was no mention of her replacement, with rumours swirling the label was in financial trouble, and de Libran has now spoken out about her exit, stating the decision was out of her hands.
“We haven’t succeeded in reaching an agreement,” she told Business of Fashion. “They weren’t respecting my contract and asked me to go on Monday. I found myself with my boxes in the street: the American way.”
The designer’s business advisor Lionel Gorel has also shed light on the situation, revealing that at the end of her initial three-year contract in 2017, brand bosses renewed her agreement and “declared that it was fully satisfied with the first three years of Julie and she was integrated in the capital, getting 10 per cent of the share ownership”.
“Julie hasn’t resigned,” he added. “We legitimately questioned if they wanted to continue the contract with her until its end in 2020 since they weren’t up-to-date with their payments to her. In January this year, we sent a formal notice. When we asked them whether they wanted to continue with Julie’s contract, they didn’t reply.”
De Libran was also on the board of directors at Sonia Rykiel.
A rep for the French fashion house told editors at Business of Fashion that de Libran resigned from her post.