Actress Shay Mitchell likes to hang upside down whenever she needs a beauty boost.

The Pretty Little Liars’ star always looks well groomed, but if ever she’s feeling tired or run down, she has a fail safe trick to perking herself up.

“If I need to look more awake, I’ll hang off a bed or chair, or do a handstand against a wall,” she told Flare magazine. “We (as humans) are always on our feet, so once in a while it’s good to get the blood flowing (to our heads).”

The 29-year-old also uses green tea bags to de-puff tired eyes if she has been working long hours, and she is also a big fan of using other natural products, such as cut-up beets as a natural lip tint and coconut oil for moisturising her skin.

But if nature still leaves her a little short and she’s in the middle of a photo or selfie session, she isn’t against using a little technology tweak here and there.

“Sure, I’m guilty of taking out a blemish,” she said. “And I’m also not afraid to tell people, ‘Oh, to get that one good photo, I took 5,000’. These photos are going to be out there forever.” Shay might be one of Hollywood’s young beauties, but she’s one stunning star who isn’t too concerned with how she looks, and when it comes to her wardrobe, she admits it’s constantly evolving.

“My style is always changing,” she added. “It’s all about how I woke up that morning. Sometimes I’ll just grab whatever is sitting on the hanger in front of me. I just want it to be fun.”

Life hasn’t always been fun for the actress – pre-fame she had a miserable job as a bartender: “I might have been the worst bartender in history,” she recalled. “I didn’t enjoy it. But that’s the work I had to put in to get where I am today.”