Gigi Hadid wouldn’t dream of queuing for three hours to use a dressing room.

The 21-year-old model never puts a foot wrong when it comes to her style and floats seamlessly between red carpet glamour and casual attire during her downtime. She isn’t one to hit the shops often though as there’s nothing worse for her than waiting to try on clothes.

“I guess it’s because it’s my job to try things on,” she shrugged to Refinery29. “I love window shopping and I love shopping without having to go to the dressing room or take what I’m wearing off. That’s why I love glasses and bags. I buy a lot of (those), because I don’t try them on. Like, Topshop (dressing room) lines are not even funny. I’d much rather go into Topshop (and buy something), go home, try it on, and then return it than stand in line for three hours.”

Talking about her off-duty looks, Gigi noted she puts a lot more effort into her appearance during big events like Fashion Week – even if she isn’t working – but sticks to comfy pieces like yoga pants the rest of the time. However, she tries to make the sporty bottoms look cool by pairing with a trendy shirt or jacket while out and about.

“Thank God that athleisure is in right now, because I’m good at it,” she added. “It’s easy for me and I’m an athlete. It makes my ‘going to the gym’ turn into my ‘might have to go to a meeting after’ a very smooth transition.”

For star-studded events the blonde beauty has the help of stylist Monica Rose in choosing her outfits. Gigi praises the professional for her amazing finds, and for pushing her to break fashion boundaries she’d be unable to do alone.

The model’s boyfriend, singer Zayn Malik, may also be a source of inspiration for Gigi’s style, as the pair recently dazzled in matching metallic ensembles at the Met Gala earlier this month (May16).