We were just hit by the final season of The Game Of Thrones. Now, most of us are still recovering from it and still haven’t gotten used to the fact that the show is over! For the past nine years, we were all worried about who would be sitting on the iron throne, and now that its all over, let’s take a closer at some of the smaller details from the series.

If you are hardcore Game Of Thrones fans like millions of us, here’s something you would love to read. Check out how tall each of our favorite characters is and how different they look when they are on and off set.

Tyrion Lannister – Peter Dinklage

Tyrion Lannister is the smartest among the Lannister children, i.e., his twin brother (Jaime) and sister (Cersei) and him. In the show, his siblings do not forgive him for killing their mother during his birth. He may appear small, but he portrays a brilliant character on screen. Initially, he is shown as a quick-witted-drunken-old imp, but as the show progresses, we come across his sensitive side and his generous nature.

Peter Dinklage had a successful career in the entertainment industry even before he took up the role of Tyrion Lannister. He has a great sense of humor and a quick brain.

1,35 m (4’5”)

Lyanna Mormont – Bella Ramsey

Lyanna Mormont was an instant hit when she appeared on the Game of Thrones for the first time. The audience loved her since she was way smarter than anyone expected, was fearless, and she had a huge army. Lyanna fought till the end, killed a giant white walker and was proclaimed a hero before she ultimately exited the show.

GoT was Bella’s first venture, and we can all agree that she has got a natural talent for acting. She turned into an actor at the age of 4 and performed in theatre for seven years. She then attended television workshops and finally turned to professional acting.

1,5 m (4’11”)

Arya Stark – Maisie Williams

Arya Stark is one of the most interesting characters on the show. She is a girl, but definitely not a lady for she knows her way around a sword. We all got the opportunity to see her grow from a child to a fearless warrior. In the series, she goes through many hardships and learns how to be one of The Faceless Men. As the end of the story nears, she turns into a true hero by slaying and killing some the Nights King.

Off the set, Maise Williams is a different person. She is a book worm and a total nerd.

1,55 m (5’1”)

Daenerys Targaryen – Emilia Clarke

Daenerys Targaryen, The Mother of Dragons, was a simple young girl who was forced to marry the Mighty Khal and bear his children. Her brother sacrificed her in order to become the King and sit on the Iron Throne. But as the show progressed, so did her character. She became the Khaleesi of the Dothraki, freed the unsullied and became a mother to three dragons. She even gathered a large army and set off to rule the seven kingdoms.

Game of Thrones catapulted Emilia Clarke’s career into Hollywood; The English actress was offered a number of prominent roles post the show.

1,57 m (5’2”)

The Waif – Faye Marsay

The character of The Waif was the one of a cold-blooded assassin, someone that was capable of showing no emotions. Without Waif, Arya Stark would never become The Faceless Man. The character troubles and torments Arya until she is fully capable of being a part of their cult. Waif was one of the main reasons why Arya Stark worked hard to prove herself to the Many-faced God, that, she was strong enough to be a cold-blooded assassin too.

Faye Marsay played the role of The Waif. The British actress was also the voice of Amy in 2015’s Need for Speed.

1,57 m (5’2”)

Shae – Sibel Kekilli

Sibel portrayed the role of Shae on GoT. She was a prostitute who fell in love with Tyrion Lannister. To keep her safe, Tyrion asks her to become Sansa Stark’s Handmaid. In the end, to save her self and to continue living in Kings Landing, Shae ended up betraying Tyrion and soon after, landed in bed with his father, Tywin Lannister. Sadly, Tyrion ends up strangling Shae and killing her at the end of Season 4.

Sibel Kekilli is a German actress with a Turkish origin. And there is no doubt that Game of Thrones played a huge rule in launching her career internationally.

1,63 m (5’4”)

Catelyn Stark – Michelle Fairley

Michelle plays Catelyn Stark, the wife of Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark on Game of Thrones. She is also a mother to the five Stark children, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon; In the series, she gets murdered along with her son Robb, Daughter-in-law Talisa and many others at the Red Wedding. This is because Lord Walder Frey wanted his vengeance from Robb Stark for breaking the pact between the two houses and marrying as per his convenience.

Before being a part of GoT, she has had many significant roles in suits, Resurrection, Harry Potter, and Deathly Hallows, and In the Heart of the Sea. Etc.

1,65 m (5’5”)

Myrcella Baratheon – Nell Tiger Free

Myrcella Baratheon was Jamie and Cersei’s only daughter. She was to marry Trystane from House Tyrell and was shipped to Dorne for the same reason. But during a ‘Trial by Combat’ Oberyn gets killed by The Mountain while representing Tyrion Lannister. Myrcella’s uncle Jamie comes to pick and take her Kings Landing; back home. Ellaria Sand poisons and kills Myrcella with Long Farewell to avenge, her lover, Oberyn Martell’s death.

Aimee Richardson played the role of Myrcella Baratheon from seasons 1-4, and then Nell Tiger Free replaced her in the seasons 5 and 6.

1,65 m (5’5”)

Cersei Lannister – Lena Headey

We’ve all had mixed feelings about Cersai from the moment we saw her on GoT. She is a daunting mother and loves her kids to death, but she is also the evil Queen who can’t wait to set her next plot!

Either way, we cannot seem to get enough of her on the show.

Cersei is also in love with her twin brother Jamie and has had children with him.

Lena Headley however, has a different personality n real life. She has no time to think about the bad for others and has been working hard ever since she started acting in 1992.

1,66 m (5’5”)

Osha – Natalia Tena

Natalia plays the character of Osha, a wildling, on Game of Thrones, she helps Rickon and Bran escape Winterfell. She and the children sought refuge at the Last Hearth with House Umber, but they eventually get betrayed by Smalljon Umber. Osha takes the kids far away before both Rickon, and she gets killed by Ramsay Bolton before the Battle of the Bastards.

Natalia Tena has had a brilliant acting career even before GoT. She has been a part of many successful films. And one of her most famous works includes playing Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter and Ellie in About a Boy along with Hugh Grant.

1,66 m (5’5”)

Margaery Tyrell – Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer brilliantly portrays Queen Margaery in The Game of Thrones. Ironically, even when with Cersei around, she didn’t want to be just any Queen, she wanted to be ‘THE’ Queen and conquer it all. But even a strong character like hers couldn’t be saved from Cersei’s malicious intentions. Margaery became the Queen twice, once by marriage to King Joffrey Baratheon and the second, by marrying King Tommen Baratheon after Joffrey’s death.

Natalie was a successful actress even before entered GoT as Queen Margaery. Fans saw her as Cressida in The Hunger Games, Captain America: The First Avenger and several other films.

1,68 m (5’6”)

Ygritte – Rose Leslie

Leslie portrayed the role of a smart and beautiful wildling named Ygritte. In the series, she falls in love with Ned Stark’s bastard Jon Snow. She was also the one who shot him with bow and arrows while he was trying to escape.

Quite contrary to her role in the series, Rose belongs to a Royal family, and she grew up in a castle in Scotland. She is an incredible actress and has acted in Britsh Tv Shows like Downtown Abbey, where she played the role of Gwen Dawson and New Town. She even won the Scottish BAFTA for Best Acting Performance for her role in New Town.

1,68 m (5’6”)

Yara Greyjoy – Gemma Whelan

Yara Greyjoy is Theon’s sister, and she was the leader of the Iron Islands until her uncle stole it from them. She is a strong woman, much stronger than most of the men on the island and in the series. Initially, she and her brother were not good terms, but as the show progresses, he fights hard to save his sister, and then develop a closer relationship with her after that.

In reality, Gemma Whelan is an English actress who has been a part of some incredible films in her career. Some of these include The Wolfman and Gulliver’s Travels and so on.

1,68 m (5’6”)

Lady Melisandre – Carice Van Houten

Carice Van Houten plays Lady Melisandre or the Red Woman. In the series, she is a beautiful, young woman who promises Stanice Baratheon that he will win the iron throne and become the King! Interestingly, her youth and beauty lie in a necklace that she possesses. When she removes the necklace, she becomes a woman who is centuries old. Also, she plays the role of both the young and old Melisandre.

Later, however, after Stance’s death, she plays a part in getting Daenerys and Jon Snow together. And she even helps Arya escape the dead when they try to follow and kill her.

1,68 m (5’6”)

Tommen Baratheon – Dean Charles Chapman

Dean plays Tommen Baratheon, the youngest child of Cersei and Jamie Lannister. Tommen becomes the King of the Seven Kingdoms after his brother Joffrey does of poisoning. He gets married to Margaery and falls in love with her. In the series, unfortunately, he commits suicide, making Cersei even more angry and crazier than before. Cersei eventually plays her cards and kills Margaery, her brother, her father, and all the other people who are present in the Great Sept.

Dean Charles was a part of the play called Billy Elliot, where he played the title role. His acting abilities are not just restricted to GoT; they go beyond that.

1,69 m (5’6”)

Missandei – Nathalie Emmanuel

Missandei was Khalessi’s handmaid at first. But as the show progressed, she got more and more attention as the audience began to appreciate her work. She also looked very beautiful on the show. Missandei’s love interest in the show is head of the Unsullied, Greyworm and their love story was quite a cherished one amongst the fans. However, in the end, Missandei gets captured by Cersei’s army and is executed.

Nathalie is gorgeous on the show, but honestly, we think that she is even more beautiful in real life! Although GoT kick-started her career, we have also seen her in The Fast and Furious 7 and hope to see more of her in the future.

1,70 m (5’7”)

Joffrey Baratheon – Jack Gleeson

Addressing the elephant in the room; we know that Joffrey was the MOST hated character in the series, ever! He had no respect people; he didn’t know how to rule, nor was he a soldier. Joffrey was an ill-mannered kid who was no king. His actions were horrendous, and he knew not how to be humble.

The fans of the series wanted him to be dead, and so when Joffrey was poisoned during his wedding celebrations, everyone was happy, and justice was served.

Jack Gleeson portrayed the role of Joffrey Baratheon in the series, and he did an incredible job at it.

1,70 m (5’7″)

Ellaria Sand-Indira Verma

Ellaria Sand is a beautiful yet dangerous woman. Her lover Oberyn Tyrell was killed during a trial by combat by ‘The Mountain.’ Since then, Ellaria wanted to avenge his death. She did so by Killing little Myrcella, the only living child of Cersei and Jamie Lannister. When Jamie came to take his daughter back to Kings Landing, Ellaria gave her goodbye and poisoned her applying Long Farewell on the lips.

Contrary to her screen role, Indira Verma is a method actress and a versatile theatre artist. She has also worked on films like Bride and Prejudice, KamaSutra and such others.

1,71 m (5’7”)

Jon Snow – Kit Harington

You know nothing, Jon Snow!

But we sure do…

We know that we love his character; we love watching him on the show and the way his storyline had progressed! In the finale season, he was seen doing some commendable work. He even undertook the impossible job of killing Daenerys Targareon, his Queen, on the show. During his time as Jon Snow, the character was the Commander of the Nightwatch, and at some point, he was also the King of the North.

Kit Harrington was recognized worldwide for portraying Jon Snow; we wish him luck for his future endeavors,

1,73 m (5’8”)

Ramsay Bolton – Iwan Rheon

Ramsay Bolton is probably the second most hated character on the show after King Joffrey Baratheon. He killed, stabbed, and tortured people for his sadistic pleasures. He even captured the North defeating the Ironborn. In the process, he captured Theon Greyjoy and treated him like his slave. He forcefully got married to Sansa and tormented her. Ramsay was eventually killed when Jon Snow returned to the North and took back Winterfell.

The actor who portrayed Ramsay is Welsh and known as Iwan Rheon. He is a well-established singer, and despite his character on the series, his singing career escalated after the show.

1,73 m (5’8”)

Samwell Tarly – John Bradley

Samwell Tarley was continuously targeted and bullied by many members of the nights watch. He had no one to talk to except Jon Snow, who was his only friend. A couple of years later, he decided to become a Maester and left Castle Black. During this time, he even healed Sir Jorah from his illness, something nobody else had bothered to do. Additionally, he fell in love and got married to Gilly. Gilly was wildling who had a son with her father.

Before being a part of Game Of Thrones, actor John Bradley would mainly perform comedic roles. And just like the other actors, he looks different in real life.

1, 73 m (5’8”)

Podrick’ Pod’ Payne – Daniel Portman

Podrick Payne was a night which saved Tyrion Lannister’s life in the Battle of the Blackwater and then became his squire after that. After Tyrion was arrested for poisoning King Joffrey Baratheon, he served Brienne of Tarth. Initially, Brienne and Pod did not get along with each other, but as time passed by, they learned to work their way out.

Brienne even saved his life on several occasions when the duo was on their quest to find Arya and Sansa Stark. The character of Pod was one of an innocent man, who had a good heart and would often make childish mistakes and would get himself into trouble. Daniel Portman brilliantly portrayed this role.

1,74 m (5’8”)

Olenna Tyrell – Diana Rigg

Olenna Tyrell was an integral part of the show. Although she was assumed to be just an old woman, she was definitely more than that. In fact, she was the mastermind behind all of Margery’s moves and decisions. Additionally, she was the reason for Joffrey Baratheon’s death. When the Lannister army surrounded High Garden, Jamie Lannister himself killed Olenna; he ensured that her death was peaceful considering her seniority.

Diana Rigg, who portrayed the role of Olyenna aged gracefully. She was one of the few women who did not depend on ‘Plastic Surgery’ to make her look pretty or beautiful in any way.

1,74 m (5’8”)

Sansa Stark – Sophie Turner

Sansa Stark has been one of our favorite characters on the show. From a shy Stark girl, we have seen her grow into a confident young woman. She was mistreated when she moved to Kings Landing, and she was all alone there. Additionally, she was forced to marry several times; she was tormented and abused. In the end, Sansa was no longer the innocent child who was in love with Joffrey; she became a confident woman; she became the Queen of the North.

In reality, Sophie Turner is nothing like her character; she is much more upbeat of everything and quite fearless.

1,75 m (5’9”)

Theon Greyjoy – Alfie Allen

We all undergo a rollercoaster of emotions when we see Theon Greyjoy. Initially, we adored him, then we disliked him, and then we felt sorry for him when Ramsay Bolton tortured him, and now that we know that he joins the battle to fight for the starks -we love him again. Theon did not betray house Stark for the second time. Instead, he stood up to his word and protected Bran from the Whitewalkers until his last breath.

Alfie, on the other hand, who plays the character, is just a regular guy who will continue to work on tv after the show gets over.

1,75 m (5’9”)

Grey Worm – Jacob Anderson

Grey Worm is Khaleesi’s protector and Commander of the Unsullied. He is loyal to his Queen and obeys every command. He is also in love with Missandei. The duo would have made a perfect couple if things did not turn out so tragic and ‘IF’ Missandei was still alive. Perhaps the duo would have sailed to the Isle of Naath and lived the rest of their life happily.

Contradictory to his reel life, Jacob Anderson, is a rapper in real life. Yes, it’s true! He travels all over England for his performances. It’s hard to imagine him like that though, considering he looks so serious in the series.

1,75 m (5’9”)

Lord Varys – Conleth Hill

Lord Varys was the Master of Whispers in Kings Landing. He knew everything, and he would often use this information for good.

In the end, Varys joined Danaerys’s army and vowed to help her conquer the Iron Throne. However, unfortunately for him, things did not turn out in his favor. Once he found out the truth about Jon Snow, he betrayed his Quee, and she had him killed for treason. Even his closest friend, Tyrion Lannister, could not save him.

Although, in real life, Conleth Hill looks even more handsome than he does on the show, almost like a different person!

1,75 m (5’9”)

Roose Bolton – Michael McElhatton

Roose Bolton was the Lord of the Dreadfort, the head of the house Bolton. He was also the father of his Legitimized bastard son, Ramsay and unnamed child from his wife, Walda Frey. His family is well-known for cruelly killing and tormenting people. Roose was initially with Robb Stark and had joined his battalion to help him gain victory over the Greyjoys. However, in the end, he double-crosses Robb, and it is revealed that he is one of the main perpetrator’s of the killing that takes place at the Red Wedding.

Irish actor Michael McElhatton portrays the role of Roose Bolton in the series.

1,75 m (5’9”)

Robb Stark – Richard Madden

The eldest son of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, Robb Stark was declared the King of the North after King Joffrey executed his father. He is an older brother to Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon Stark. He also has a half-brother by the name of Jon Snow. Robb married Talisa, a healer from the Westerlands and she was even pregnant with his child. However, as Roose Bolton conspired with Walder Frey and the Lannisters, he killed Robb Stark. Walder Frey was also angry with Robb for breaking the marriage pact between the two houses.

During the Red Wedding, Robb’s wife Talisa and his mother Catelyn Stark along with many others, were also killed.

1,77 m (5’10”)

Renly Baratheon – Gethin Anthony

Renly Baratheon was the youngest of the Baratheon brothers. He was fourth in line to the throne when Robert Baratheon was the King. He was also married to Queen Margaery from house Tyrell. Renly was also in a secret gay affair with Ser Loras Tyrell, The Knight of the Flowers and who also happened to be Margaery’s brother. The character was killed by the ghost of Stannis Baratheon, a ghost that was birthed by Melissandre.

Gethin Anthony was a TV and a movie actor; he was a part of the movie First Kill. But Game of Thrones happens to be his most successful works.

1,77 m (5’10”)

Petyr Baelish – Aidan Gillen

Littlefinger or Petyr Baelish is an exciting character on the show. We cannot decide whether to love or hate him. He is constantly meddling in other’s business and seeing whether he can fulfill his selfish needs. He was also in love with Catelyn Stark, and he couldn’t help it. Littlefinger betrayed Eddard Stark; he did not let Ned know that he was secretly working for the Queen.

Even before being a part of Game of Thrones, Aidan had a successful career in Hollywood. The Irish actor had a great fan following, and it only increased after the show. Additionally, he was also roped in for another HBO show called The Wire.

He was also a part of The Wire on HBO.

1,78 m (5’10”)

Eddard (Ned) Stark – Sean Bean

Eddard Stark was the King of the North and lived in Winterfell. He was a man of honor and was respected by all. Ned was the Hand of the King for Robert Baratheon. However, after the King’s demise, his son King Joffrey executed Ned Stark for telling the truth. The truth that Ned revealed was that the children, Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen were not King Roberts. Instead, they were Jamie Lannisters.

The character Sean Bean played was famous and loved by everyone. When Ned Stark was executed, the fans were really disappointed. They did not expect him to die in the very first season of the show!

1,79 m (5’10”)

Jojen Reed – Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Jojen and Meera Reed were the children of Lord Howland Reed. The duo embarked on a journey to look for Bran Stark because they had a hunch he might need their help. They met Bran and Rickon Stark their direwolves Shaggydog and Summer and Osha and Hodor, while the group was escaping Winterfell.

Bran and the rest of the pack set out in search of the Three-Eyed Raven. This was essential as Bran was to play an instrumental part in the war against the white walkers. During the end of their journey, Jojen Reed falls sick and falls down while fighting a wight. Meera eventually saves him but knows that he is incapacitated. She slits his throat to give him an easy death.

1,79 m (5’10”)

Bran Stark – Isaac Hempstead Wright

Bran Stark is the son of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. He portrays one of the most important characters on the show. Bran is THE Three-Eyed Raven! He can see the past, the present, and the future. Towards the end of the series, the white walkers come to kill him, but Theon Greyjoy gives his life protecting Bran, and Arya Stark kills the leader of the white walkers. Bran ultimately becomes the King of the Six Kingdoms and the Protector of the Realm.

Playing Bran Stark was Isaac Hempstead Wright’s first gig at acting. He was brilliant and sure gained popularity after he was a part of the show.

1,80 m (5’11”)

Euron Greyjoy – Pilou Asbaek

Euron Greyjoy is the brother of Balon Greyjoy, the King of the Iron Islands and the Aeron Greyjoy. He is also the uncle of Balon’s children, Yara, and Theon Greyjoy. Euron kills Balon and takes the Salt Throne with the help of some Ironborns. He sends his people to look for Yara and Theon in order to kill them.

In the end, Euron joins the Lannister army and becomes a father to Cersei Lannister’s unborn child. He also indulges in a battle with Jamie Lannister and is badly defeated by the latter. He dies at the end of the battle.

1,80 m (5’11’)

Oberyn Martell – Pedro Pascal

Oberyn Martell is the Prince of Dorne and the lover of bastard Ellaria Sand. He is also a father to their eight bastard girls. He loves both men and women, and so does his partner. He was also famously known as the “Red Viper.” Oberyn took part in a trial by combat in the capital and died fighting The Mountain on the show. That was one of the popular episodes of the show and fans mourned the death of the Prince.

Pedro Pascal is a Chilian actor who portrays the role of Oberyn Martell. He is a part of many successful TV series and movies such as Narcos and Kingsmen: The Golden Circle and such others.

1,80 m (5’11”)

Stannis Baratheon – Stephen Dillane

Stannis Baratheon was the Lord of Dragonstone, the older brother of Renly and the younger brother of Robert Baratheon. He wanted to become the King of Seven Kingdoms and would go to any lengths to achieve it. Lady Melissandre was his constant companion, and she promised him the throne. Stannis and Melisande’s son (who does not really have a physical form), is responsible for killing Renly Baratheon.

After the death of Robert Baratheon, he takes his army to take his throne but is met by the Lannister-Tyrell army. He is forced to go back to Dragonstone. On his second attempt to take Kings Landing, he has lost his army and wanders alone. He is slowed down due to his ill health and is ultimately killed by Brienne of Tarth, for murdering Renly Baratheon.

1,83 m (6’0”)

Tormund Giantsbane – Kristofer Hivju

Tormund Giantsbane is the leader of the Wildings; he is just below Mance Rayder. Giantsbane is also a warrior and a dangerous fighter. He befriends Jon Snow after a series of battles and arguments, he even helps Snow, while the duo is at Castle Black. At the end of the series, he sits down with Tyrion, Brienne, and several others to tell his story. He says that he slew a giant at the age of 10 and that’s how he got his name ‘Giantsbane.’ He fights alongside his friend Jon Snow against the Whitewalkers.

A Norwegian by birth, Kristofer Hivju, was born to actor parents and is world-renowned for his beard.

1,83 m (6’0”)

Bronn – Jerome Flynn

We know that Bronn is a skilled swordsman. He fought for Tyrion Lannister in a trial-by-combat to save Tyrion’s life when the latter was held a prisoner in Eyrie. Later he becomes Tyrion’s personal bodyguard and friend. Eventually, Tyrion makes him the Lord of Highgarden. After the battle of Kings Landing, Bronn is made the Master of Coin.

Bronn has a dark sense of humor and enjoys spending time with women and binge drinking. He is a skilled archer and apparently literate. He does not think twice before saying ‘no,’ and mostly carries a pragmatic approach towards people.

1,83 m (6’0”)

High Sparrow – Jonathan Pryce

It turns out that High Sparrow’s actions were quite below the belt! He was the ultimate villain of season 6.

The character was a prominent member of the ‘Sparrows’ a religious moment that was formed during the War of the Five Kings. He does not wear expensive robes; he simply wears a white-cream tunic.

During the course of the series, he also becomes the High Septon. It was under his tenure that the Faith Militant was established again and he had a considerable amount of influence over the Iron Throne during King Tommen’s rule. On the day of Loras’s and Cersei’s trial, both Cersei and Tommen failed to show up. This was because Queen Cersei ordered the wildfire Qyburn to be ignited. It eventually killed everybody in the Great Sept, including High Sparrow and Margaery.

1,83 m (6’0”)

Jaqen H’ghar – Tom Wlaschiha

Jaqen H’ghar was a criminal living in the dungeons of Kings Landing. He was named as Lorathi and was to be recruited by Yoren to join the Night’s Watch. In the end, however, Jaqen helps Arya by smuggling her out of Kings Landing. He is also one of The Faceless Men from the Braavos. The faceless men were known to be mysterious assassins who could easily change their appearance.

The Faceless Man, Jaqen trains Arya Stark to become one of them. He puts her through unfathomable pressure, and at some point, he even takes away her eyesight. But in the end, after Arya kills the Waif, he declares that she was now one of them.

1,84 m (6’0”)

Davos Seaworth – Liam Cunningham

Sir Davos Seaworth was a soldier who first served Stannis Baratheon. He was always ready to help the King in times of need. After Stannis’s defeat and demise at Winterfell, he moved to Castle Black and sided Jon. When Lord Commander Jon Snow died, he pursued Melisandre to resurrect him. After John took over Winterfell from the Boltons, he served as Jon’s advisor. And finally, after the battle of Kings Landing, he sat down with Tyrion Lannister as one of King Bran’s advisors. The newly elected King made him the Master of Ships.

Liam Cunningham looks entirely different in real life than what he looks during the series. He appears to be more sweet and kind.

1,85 m (6’1”)

Jorah Mormont – Iain Glen

Most of us wished we could make Khaleesi fall in love with us, but was next to impossible. Sir Jorah, however, did not stop trying until his last breath. Initially, he worked for Varys as a spy but eventually stopped because he began respecting Danaerys. When Khaleesi found out about his treachery, she sent him away.

Later, Sir Jorah captured Tyrion Lannister and brought him to Khaleesi in the hopes of winning her back. During this process, he contracted greyscale. Dany pardoned him and told him to come back if he survived the disease. Sir Jorah died saving his Queen in the end.

1,85 m (6’1”)

Jaime Lannister – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Jaime Lannister is the twin brother of Cersei. He also fathered their three children, that were born out of incest. However, in the show, he faces a series of unfortunate events. At the beginning of the series, he loses his right hand, that is essential for combat, then the secret love-affair between him and his sister is revealed, and then he gets thrown out of Kings Landing.

During the course of the show, Jamie learns to become a good person and fights for the right cause. At the end of the show, however, he returns to love Cersei, and they both get crushed under the rocks and die together.

The Danish actor has traveled immensely for his career. He moved to Hollywood before finally being a part of GoT.

1,87 m (6’2”)

The Night’s King – Richard Brake

The Night’s King had an important role to play in the final season. He led the army of the dead, including the white walkers to battle with the living. He even has Danaerys’s dragon named Viserion, which now breathes ice instead of fire. During the battle, he finds Bran Stark, The Three-Eyed Raven and marches towards him to kill him. However, Arya Stark comes to the rescue of her brother and eventually ends up killing The Night’s King.

Without the makeup and the heavy costume, Richard Brake seems like a handsome young man. He was also a part of Batman Begins where he played the role of Joe Chill.

1,88 m (6’2”)

Brienne of Tarth – Gwendoline Christie

Brienne of Tarth is a woman who fights like a man and with men! Over the past years, her character has seen many changes, and her role has become more relevant. She was initially the King’s guard for Renly Baratheon, and then she set out on a journey to look of Lady Sansa and Arya Stark. She also helped capture Jamie Lannister, and the duo became better acquainted with each other in the end. Jamie also gave her the position of a knight making her Ser Brienne of Tarth.

Gwendoline is a real beauty when you see her transformation from reel to real life. The only thing that is common between her and Brienne is their height.

1,91 m (6’3”)

Tywin Lannister – Charles Dance

Tywin Lannister was a lot of things. He was the Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, Hand of the King, Protector of the Realm and a few other titles. He was also a father to twins Jamie and Cersei Lannister and the imp Tyrion Lannister. Apart from that, he was a grandfather to Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen Baratheon.

At the end of the Battle of Blackwater, Tywin Lannister and his army arrive in Kings Landing to protect it. Tyrion watched his father’s army enter just before passing out. Cersei too was prepared for the worst, but seeing her father made her believe that the war was at last over she and her children were safe.

Khal Drogo – Jason Momoa

The Mighty Khal married Daenerys Targaryen and made her his Khaleesi. At the beginning of the series, everything was okay between the duo. However, things took a drastic turn as the show progressed. Dany even gave birth to his child, but it could not survive. Khal Drogo quite shockingly died at the end of season-1.

Jason Momoa is an American actor and is known widely for portraying the role of Khal Drogo. He was pretty successful even before GoT and performed in notable movies such as Aquaman, Baywatch, and such others.

1,93 m (6’4”)

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane – Rory McCann

We disliked the hound initially, he was serving Prince Joffrey Baratheon and performed some torturous deeds. When Joffrey became the King, he was named the King’s guard. However, He was deserted from his post after The Battle of the Blackwater, and from then, he went on traveling alone by himself. He even helped Arya when she was in need. During the final battle, at kings landing, he fought alongside Jon Snow and Danaerys Targareon. Eventually, he traveled to the Red Keep to fight his brother and to kill him and seek his life-long revenge.

McCann looks very different in real life; we wonder how much time it took him to put on that makeup every day of the shoot.

1,98 m (6’6”)

Ser Gregor Clegane –

Ser Gregor Clegane is one of the tallest and the strongest actors. He belongs to House Clegane. He is also the brother of a notoriously fearsome warrior Sandor Clegane. Gregor and Sandor have been enemies for the longest time. Ser Gregor is called ‘The Mountain’ or ‘The Mountain that moves’ due to his large personality. In the end, Ser Gregor, who was Queen’s guard for Cersei, decided to take away his protection when he saw his younger brother Sandor. Both the brothers fought against each other and eventually fell to their death from the Red Keep.

In reality, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is born in Iceland and is a former basketball player, an actor and a ‘Strongman’ by profession.

2,06 m (6’9”)

Hodor – Kristian Nairn

We cannot get enough of Hodor on the show. He is sweet, kind, naive, and all the good things. He can speak nothing but one word, which is his name ‘Hodor,’ which we also finally come to realize on the show, means ‘Hold the Door.’ The only purpose of his existence was to save Bran Stark’s life and that he performed with all his might.

In reality, Kristian Nairn is a completely different person. He is a DJ who is 7 ft. tall and who used his performance as Hodor to grow his music career and named his tour ‘Rave of Thrones.’

2,13 m (7’0”)

Wun Wun – Ian Whyte

Jon Snow saved Wun Wun the giant’s life. He was a free folk and resided in Hardhome before Jon saved him and brought him to the South. He, in turn, helped Jon protect the wall from the white walkers! When the Wights start attacking the living. Wun Wun destroys them by holding a burning log all by himself. Along with some other wildings he leaves for Castle Black to settle a gift. Most people are scared and intimidated by seeing the giant.

Ian Whyte, the individual who plays Wun Wun, used to play basketball, but currently, he is a stuntman.

2,16 m (7’1”)