– EN Fitness & Wellbeing – Have you ever sat at your desk after a long day in the office and felt as if your brain was turning to mush?
Well new research says that may be the case – as it’s been found stale office air can actually have a negative impact on cognitive function.
Across eight studies, scientists discovered that poor ventilation in schools and office and high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) can lead to our brains not working at their best.
In one piece of research undertaken by Harvard University, experts played around with CO2 levels in rooms where their study participants did similar kinds of tasks.
Explaining the results, lead author Dr Joseph Allen said: “We saw dramatic differences when they breathed better quality air. More fresh air and higher ventilation rates are associated with dramatic benefits for decision-making.
“Better air quality leads to better cognitive functioning among knowledge workers.”
Dr Allen added that work places with better air quality recorded less employee absences.
“Ensuring that you’re bringing in fresh air from outside and have proper air ventilation and filtering is critically important to commercial office buildings,” he continued.
“Not only is it good, when you do, to improve health and productivity (for employees), but it comes with a bottom-line benefit.”
Other benefits include staff producing better, clearer and faster work.
So next time you’re not feeling at your mental peak in the office, crack open a window or go get some fresh air!