Many-a-time, movies miss out or tend to overlook some of the major details of the film. But these details for a viewer can be very minor, so much that you won’t even notice that something is off the track, however, once you know what is odd about the film, you will never be able to forget it the next time you watch it.

Here, we are talking about some of Hollywood’s finest works, you may not believe it, but they are flawed too. Take a look to see what’s true and look at the film for an entirely different perspective from then on!


This film is Christopher Nolan’s finest works. It was so impressive that it went to win many awards and accolades. The director wanted to keep the film real and thereby he reduced the amount of CGI software that was used for the film. For one particular scene, he ordered that there be 500 acres of corn farm planted to make it look authentic instead of creating it on a CGI.

To make the scene seem even more realistic he had the people sell corn from the farm after the filming of the movie was over, hereby profiting from his amazing idea once again.