– EN Showbiz – Mandy Moore has described an emotional moment she had when came across a Buddhist monument on her Everest base camp trek.
Last Month, the This Is Us actress celebrated America’s Memorial Day holiday at Mount Everest’s base camp in Nepal after successfully completing a gruelling trek.
And in an interview with U.S. TV show Extra, she recalled a peaceful moment she experienced on the mountain.
“It was my most favourite part of this trek… You just stop… It really grounds you in the moment. I cried,” she explained. “There is something undeniable, cathartic and emotional (about) being there.”
While Mandy’s trek came at a time when there has been a lot of discussion regarding the many deaths on the iconic climb, the star revealed she never felt like she was in harm’s way, adding: “Whenever you are in the mountains, and you are in the midst of this majestic part of the Earth, you understand that you are surrounded by 8,000 metre peaks… There are all of these mountains about you, you have a respect and reverence for the mountains and the dangers that they present.
“Not in the same way as climbing the mountain. We respected the situation and everything that it represented.”
Mandy spoke to the outlet ahead of a performance with her musician husband Taylor Goldsmith, at an event for This Is Us composer Siddhartha Khosla.
“I’m immediately on board with anything that Taylor does and Sid does,” she gushed. “I’m in awe on both of them and so glad they could collaborate on this particular thing.”
Mandy and Taylor have recently been working on new music together, and she revealed she’s loving every moment of it.
“It’s the best,” she insisted. “I looked over from the booth yesterday, he has his eyes closed playing the guitar. I’m like this is f**king cool. We have written these songs together. He’s playing them, he’s singing with me.”